At the start of 2019 we were approached by Huzaifah Iqbal and asked if we might like to be one of his sponsors. He also explained to us that his first professional fight in England would be taking place at the famous boxing arena at York Hall Bethnal Green on the 22.02.19. ‘H’ was told that his opponent would be Gianni Antoh. Following an agreement, as one of his sponsors, we supplied his training team with G.S.E Skips & Recycling Ltd t-shirts with his name on (as seen in pictures).

Fight Night was soon here and ‘H’s long awaited professional debut was upon us. All the training down the gym with Adam Booth, Micheal Conlan, Josh Kelly and all of his brothers and cousins was finished and it was down to ‘H’ to deliver.

The Fight was a super middleweight division bout and the fight will was battled for 4 rounds of two minutes. The fight started at 22-30 PM and after a cagey start ‘H’ took control and in the judges (and the whole arenas opinion) won all four rounds. The bell was rung leading to a unanimous points decision. Then moments later ‘H’ was declared the worthy winner.

This is only the start for Huzaifah Iqbal and i wouldn’t be surprised if his name appears on Sky Sports in the very near future.

It was a pleasure to sponsor ‘H’ and we look forward to continuing this growing relationship.

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