What can I Put in my skip?

Most general waste can be loaded into a skip (or builders skip as they are often referred to), including general construction waste (such as hardcore and brick), general household waste (not food waste), general garden waste (such as wood and soil), scrap metal, paper and plastic.

In accordance with environmental legislation we are not allowed to take asbestos, but we can dispose of fridges, freezers and mattresses and tyre at a additional cost. Our sales advisor can make you aware of the additional cost per item.


“NRT Group have used GSE Skips & Recycling Ltd for 10 years now. In that time we have found their service to be exemplary and the staff to be engaging, friendly and helpful. I wholly recommend GSE Skips & Recycling Ltd to any business.”

— Paul Antino (Managing Director)


If a skip is to be delivered and located on a private road or driveway, then NO council permit application or fees will apply. All we will need to confirm is if there is sufficient minimum clearway to unload and reload the skip safely. If the skip is to be situated on the road/street etc, even if it is free parking or on a bay with no suspension restrictions – a permit must be obtained to place a skip on the highway.

Wait and Load

If you require a skip urgently, we offer a ‘wait and load’ service where the driver will drop the skip in the road and wait until you have loaded it before driving it away. The skip will not be left unattended and consequently requires NO permit. Please contact us for further information.

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